Sustainability Awards

Business South Bank Sustainability Award


The Business South Bank (BSB) Sustainability Award was established in 2009 to encourage and recognise our members’ sustainability initiatives and outcomes. The award attracts a wide range of entries and is presented annually to a BSB member that has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the principles of sustainability. The Sustainability Award assesses initiatives and practices in:

  • Water conservation and management
  • Energy conservation and management
  • Waste minimisation, recycling and management
  • Other sustainability practices

Nominees are assessed on how effectively their business, organisation or project has used the resources available to it to achieve measurable outcomes. Past winners include Spotless/South Bank Institute of Technology, Mater Health Services and the State Library of Queensland.


2015 Sustainability Award

ARIA Property Group was announced as the 2015 winner of the Business South Bank (BSB) Sustainability Award.


Aria Property Groups’ last four buildings in the South Bank precinct have all incorporated the use of green walls either externally or internally to promote carbon offsetting and softening the landscape.  Aria’s most recent development Botanica also incorporates solar panels, water recycling unit and Queensland’s largest residential greenwall.


2014 Sustainability Award

2014 BSB member Micah Projects have won the 2014 BSB Sustainability Award for their systematic approach to sustainability.

Over the past five years, Micah Projects have conducted a number of external sustainability evaluations and developed strategic plans.

They implemented many projects such as:

  • A Sustainability Roadmap
  • Tracking and reporting on emissions using the Accuvio assessment and reporting tool
  • Providing staff professional development workshops on sustainability

Special mention to Worldwide Print, Emporium Hotel, Flowers of the World, Ship Inn, Mantra, Griffith Business School, City Parklands, Rydges South Bank, Common Ground, Spotless, Queensland Theatre Company, Queensland State Library and Mater Health Services.


2013 Sustainability Award

2013 BSB Sustainability Award winner, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) not only fosters a sustainable culture within it staff (of reduce, reuse and recycle) – it partners with its clients in sharing the costs of purchasing ‘green power.’

BCEC's partnerships are not limited to its clients, the Centre works with numerous suppliers, charities and innovators to ensure the highest possible standard of social responsibility.

Some of the key initiatives implemented by the Centre included:

  • A paint wash system which separates paint slurry from water. The water is reused for cleaning purposes
  • A bio bin – only the second one to be installed in Brisbane. The bin generates compost and the compost is then used as soil conditioner or as a fuel source for green power
  • Donating over 85,000 meals to Foodbank
  • Working with Planet Pen in supplying unused and unwanted promotional stationery to school around the world
  • Collecting and recycling ALL of its polystyrene

BSB would also like to acknowledge and congratulate Flowers of the World and Riverlife, recipients of High Commendations for their dedication to improving the South Bank precinct.

Special mention to Archicentre, Emporium Hotel, Three Plus, James Noble Family Law, Queensland Theatre Company, South Bank Corporation, The Ship Inn, ARIA Property, Ensight, Mantra South Bank, Rydges South Bank, Mater Health Services and Montague Developments.


2012 Sustainability Award

The Ship Inn (pictured left) won the 2012 BSB Sustainability Award for its commitment to and passion for sustainability.

Initiatives such as sustainable procurement by preferring to buy locally, establishing partnerships and knowledge sharing with its neighbours and staff education allowed The Ship Inn to achieve:

  • 26.51% reduction in general waste (even sending food scraps to the chooks)
  • 6.81%  reduction in water consumption
  • A massive 22.51% reduction in energy consumption

BSB would also like to acknowledge and congratulate South Bank Corporation and Anthony John Group’s Emporium Hotel for achieving Earthcheck accreditation, the world’s leading certifier of travel and tourism organisations.

Special mention should also go to other BSB members including Aria Property Group, Ensight, Queensland Theatre Company, Spotless and Three Plus.


2011 Sustainability Award

Mater Health Services was awarded the 2011 BSB Sustainability Award for its comprehensive approach to sustainability across multiple areas of its operations including implementation across all levels of the organisation.

Ieuan Hyde, Chief Marketing Officer, Mater Health Services, commented that the ‘Mater was delighted to have been honoured with the award. It acknowledged an ongoing organisation-wide commitment to sustainable business practices and a genuine understanding about Mater’s responsibilities as a provider of exceptional care.’

Some of the key initiatives implemented included:

  • A program to encourage staff to turn off lights, computers and air conditioning at the end of the day which was audited and saw a decrease in energy use
  • Growing vegetables and herbs at the Sisters of Mercy convent and ancillary cafes
  • Encouraging staff to use videoconferencing rather than travel to other sites for meetings to reduce carbon emissions.


Special mention should also go to other BSB members including ABC Queensland, Anthony John Group, Arts Queensland, Australian
Institute of Architects, Bees Nees, Ensight, Flowers of the World, Hyder Consulting, Mantra South Bank, South Bank Corporation, Spotless, Thiess and Three Plus who entered and showcased initiatives in their workplace. 


2010 Sustainability Award

The State Library of Queensland (SLQ) has taken out the second annual BSB Sustainability Award for its comprehensive approach to water, energy and waste management across all of its activities.

The winner was announced at BSB's Annual General Meeting. SLQ's initiatives included a strong behavioural change and organisational redesign program.

Key elements of SLQ’s submission included:

  • Implementing a cooling system which uses river water and uses approximately 30% less energy than standard air conditioning and saves 110 ML of potable water
  • Setting up the Cultural Centre Sustainability Group which meets quarterly and includes members such as Queensland Art Gallery, QPAC and Arts Queensland
  • Using paper across the library that is 50%-100% recycled
  • Official recycling point for mobile phones, batteries and accessories. SLQ collected 13kg of mobile phones and accessories in 2009-10


In 2009-10, SLQ achieved a reduction of 3.2% in electricity consumption and a 60% saving in water consumption.

BSB also wishes to make special mention of members Conrad Gargett Architecture, Flowers of the World, Fuji Xerox, Lloyd Grey Design, Owen & Vokes, Property Solutions, Rydges, SAP, Spotless and Thiess who all implemented initiatives in their workplace which took BSB a step closer to achieving its goal to be Australia’s most sustainable business precinct.


2009 Sustainability Award

The joint submission by Spotless and Southbank Institute of Technology (SBIT) has taken out the inaugural BSB Sustainability Award. BSB’s sustainability subcommittee recognised that Spotless and SBIT took the opportunity during the redevelopment of the campus to introduce many sustainability initiatives regardless of costs and pay-back periods.

In the area of water conservation, initiatives included 4.5 rated taps, waterless urinals, using grey water for grounds and gardens and the installation of water tanks. These and other water saving initiatives achieved a reduction in water usage from 115 megalitres to 34 megalitres per annum.

Waste management initiatives included mulching and reuse of green waste; recycle bins; glass, paper, cardboard, aluminium, steel & plastic is sorted on site for recycling. These and other initiatives reduced the Institute’s non recyclable waste to only 2% of all its waste.

Additionally, Spotless and SBIT instigated a staff and student sustainability awareness program.

Special mention should go to other award entrants who also demonstrated significant sustainability initiatives:

  • State Library of Queensland
  • Corporate Administration Agency
  • Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • South Bank Corporation
  • Hale St Link
  • Thiess
  • Emporium Hotel (Anthony John Group)
  • Rydges South Bank
  • Fuji Xerox