Sustainability Audits


To read the full 2012 Sustainabilty Audit report, click here.

To read the full 2010 Sustainability Audit report, click here.


South Bank Precinct on its way to Becoming the most Sustainable

Since 2010, the South Bank precinct has managed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of taking 1,485 cars off the road.

Results from Business South Bank’s follow-up Sustainability audit, found that the precinct had achieved:                


         A reduction in annual electricity use equivalent to powering 1,690 typical Queensland homes.


         A reduction in annual water usage since 2009/10 equivalent to 54 Olympic swimming pools
         (a 15.7% decrease).


        A public transport usage 2.5 times higher than Brisbane average.


  A cycling commuting rate 6.5 times higher than the Brisbane average.


 Garbage   A recycling rate equivalent to saving 29 garbage truck loads of waste from entering landfill each week.


Barton Green, former Chair of Business South Bank said “the results are encouraging and achieving these reductions positioned the Business South Bank precinct as a world leader in sustainable operations”.

The 2012 audit was supported by CitySmart, the Brisbane City Council’s sustainability agency. The activity received funding from the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency as part of an Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program. The CitySmart Program Watt Savers officially launched in June 2013.

The report measured energy and water against the 2010 results and measured for the first time waste/recycling, transport and the integration of sustainable practices into everyday life.