Le Festival is a two an half day event held every year since 2010 in Southbank

The French community, enriched by Australia’s multiculturalism, wants to facilitate exchange between our cultures and our businesses by providing an authentic immersion experience into France. Music, food, culture, education and lifestyle “à la francaise” are showcased during this passionate event run by a visionary committee rich in diversity that teams up with dedicated volunteers, exhibitors and partners. 

Le Festival is a peak French celebration in Queensland.  It celebrates celebrate the passion, warmth and spirit that is France.

We are currently looking at launching in 2017 a cultural extension to our event- A "French Week" in South Bank.

Le Festival- Cultural Forecourt- 7-8-9 July 2017

French week- 7-15 July 2017

Le Festival
262 Montague Road
Brisbane, 4101