Vision South Bank

Vision South Bank (VSB) is an initiative that promotes the shared 20 year vision of South Bank through the collaboration of precinct partners.

Realising this collaborative vision will see South Bank become a renowned precinct of culture, innovation and recreation that will catch the eye of the world, allow its partners to thrive, and bring great experiences for the state, the city and all that enjoy its offerings.

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Vision South Bank first emerged in 2014 from a series of breakfast workshops between Griffith University, QPAC and other partners looking for opportunities to collaborate across the precinct. In August 2015, the Hornery Institute who engaged to develop a framework for future collaboration between all of the major precinct stakeholders.

A series of workshops were held in early 2016 with approximately 30 precinct stakeholders in attendance and the overwhelming outcome from these workshop was the need to develop of a shared vision for the future of the precinct. An Executive Group was established to guide the visioning process, including extensive research, stakeholder interviews and Executive Group workshops.

The draft Vision South Bank is the culmination of this work and has been prepared for further consultation with stakeholders.



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