About Business South Bank

Influencing Business Success in the South Bank Precinct


Business South Bank (BSB) was established as an incorporated Association in 1999 in response to the precinct business leaders recognising the need for a common 'voice'. BSB aims to influence business success in the South Bank precinct.


BSB is all about: 


  • Enhancing business-to-business activity by connecting members through networking and events
  • Informing and educating members through diverse and regular communications
  • Promoting the South Bank precinct through a strong and public BSB brand
  • Investing in the professional development and skills enhancement of member employees through a BSB marketplace
  • Being a business thought leader on urban renewal and sustainable community


The evolution of the precinct into a thriving commercial, retail, cultural, tourist and education hub has paralleled the growth of BSB.


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Our mission is clear: 


  • Be the voice of the South Bank business community
  • Provide forums for business between members
  • Communicate activities/developments of interest between members
  • Be advocates of news and views within the precinct
  • Take a proactive stance on policy development
  • Be a valued community voice


BSB is a membership based organisation. We are an independent organisation raising revenue from memberships, sponsorships and events.

BSB has more than 125 corporate members representing a workforce of approximately 10,000. For a full list of our members  click here.


BSB is governed by a Board of 14 Directors who oversee the strategic direction of the Association with a professional secretariat comprising an Executive Officer and support staff.


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